Chat Transcript 20180525

13:50:36 From Steven Gilbert :
13:50:50 From Steven Gilbert : I’ll be back in a couple mins!
14:00:06 From Beth Dailey : Hi from Minocqua, WI
14:05:40 From Bonnie Mullinix : Hi all – not sure how long I’m here for, but wanted to check in for as long as I can…. see if I can learn a little more from Robert V-M.
14:06:08 From Abe : Me too. Greetings to you all!
14:10:39 From Steven Gilbert :
14:10:50 From Bonnie Mullinix : Correct!
14:12:58 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Actually for us to see the site we need this link:
14:17:36 From david parker : mini discussion boards
14:17:58 From david parker : ongoing information…eg blogs

14:19:23 From david parker : share outward?
14:22:01 From Steven Gilbert : RV-M 1. Use wp builtin offers; 2. use wp plugins; 3. HTML underpinnings ==> embed, interact, …anything accessible via HTML code from anywhere else!
14:22:30 From Bonnie Mullinix : Poll everywhere does have that option.
14:23:17 From Bonnie Mullinix : (or at least did, last time I looked). Also many other of the tools mentioned have embedded codes to use.
14:35:09 From Bill Howard : Click on screen options upper right
14:35:27 From Bill Howard : discussion
14:35:36 From Bill Howard : Click discussion
14:35:58 From Bill Howard : now comments will appear
14:38:50 From Beth Dailey : Welcome John and Ilene
14:39:34 From Robert Voelker-Morris :
14:47:13 From John Munro : Steve’s humor is off the chart!!! Love it!!!
14:57:00 From Steven Gilbert :
14:57:39 From Steven Gilbert :
14:57:59 From Steven Gilbert :
15:06:55 From Abe : Thanks for tolerating my passive participation in this session. It was great to be here.
15:07:24 From Beth Dailey : Thanks for joining today Abe
15:10:06 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Were you able to post Bill?
15:10:32 From John Munro : I could see a screen but couldn’t get to a place to let me enter a wordpress comment
15:10:56 From John Munro : or likely just operator error…..
15:14:56 From Bonnie Mullinix : I’m going to run away now. I wish everyone a nice long and happy memorial day weekend!
15:15:08 From John Munro : zoom and browser and wordpress have to play nicely at the same time
15:15:21 From Steven Gilbert : Check with Zoom folks about enabling someone who is participating in our zoom session via a tablet … being able to enter a “comment” into a live WordPress web page without getting kicked out of zoom?
15:21:04 From John Munro : no problem
15:21:26 From John Munro : bring batteries?
15:25:23 From John Munro : table of contents/menu is helpful, but the stuf still exists
15:26:28 From Bill Howard iPad : can you post another URL WANT TO
15:27:18 From Bill Howard : Sorry, Can you post another URL so I can test linking from iPad and web browser
15:27:34 From Beth Dailey :
15:28:34 From Bill Howard : Clicking the link in ZOOM on iPad opens the web browser, and Zoom is minimized
15:33:33 From John Munro : great session