Chat Transcript 20181026 Deliberative Discussions Online

“If I had only…” What’s the least I can do BEFORE Nov 6?
[To avoid thinking “If I had only…” AFTER Nov 6.]  
Deliberative Discussion for Difficult Issues

14:02:17 From Steven Gilbert :
14:04:00 From Steven Gilbert : Harry & Paul
14:04:14 From Steven Gilbert : harry & paul
14:11:54 From Kevin H : either is fine Steve 🙂
14:12:23 From Leslie Harris : I do think it is important to get today’s students to register to vote and to care about elections.
14:12:41 From Leslie Harris : I think voting rates are *low* among college-age students.
14:13:18 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Leslie, do you think students are not interested in voting, in general?
14:13:31 From Sally Gilbert : Why do you think that is, L:eslie?
14:14:16 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : It seemed as if college age students tended to be Bernie Sanders supports. Maybe they are now disillusioned?
14:14:23 From reo : I have looked up the candidates in VA and checked the names for my district
14:14:51 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : That sounds good Ricj
14:15:05 From Leslie Harris : Many students are away from home, and don’t go through the trouble of registering for an absentee ballot.
14:15:56 From Sally Gilbert : Is it harder for them to register in the place where theyre in school?
14:17:35 From Leslie Harris : Here is a graph of voter turnout by age, 2002-2016:*2j6BC_8ta79JCSh2IlVL1w.png&imgrefurl=
14:17:58 From Flavio Argueta : some students don’t know what an absentee ballot is
14:18:00 From Leslie Harris : Here is a shorter link:
14:18:20 From Kevin H : In CA it’s not to difficult, plus the polarization/heightened emotions might increase turnout, even though it’s midterms this time.
14:20:21 From Kevin H : Esp in battleground states 🙂
14:21:14 From Leslie Harris : I was talking about voting.
14:21:29 From Leslie Harris : Students might be registered, but they don’t go through the trouble of getting an absentee ballot.
14:24:40 From Leslie Harris : This is kind of related to teaching students “critical thinking”. How do you react when people say something like , “He’s a ‘tax and spend’ liberal”? How do you analyze the meaning and take an informed stand about it?
14:25:19 From reo : I think there are deadlines for submitting these
14:26:16 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : I suppose you could share the fact that you are voting with your friends on Facebook
14:29:26 From reo : At Mason, Univ Life takes care of this kind of information:
14:33:52 From Leslie Harris : There is a new app I downloaded called VoteWithMe
14:34:13 From Leslie Harris : It tries to get people to encourage their contacts to vote.
14:34:33 From Leslie Harris : It also provides useful information about the upcoming election.
14:34:34 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : I just chatted with my dughter and she already has her ballot, She is CA
14:36:34 From Leslie Harris : My daughter voted today (by absentee ballot) for the first time. She was so excited!
14:39:28 From Leslie Harris : The League of Women Voters has an information site:
14:40:05 From Sally Gilbert : I remember very vividly going to vote with my parents. It was a big deal. I was very disappointed when I wasn’t allowed to take one of my children with me into a voting booth. God knows why they made that rule.
14:53:12 From Sally Gilbert :
14:57:52 From reo : Speaking of blue — Blue-Colored Drinks for Election Day
Start early and show your blue tongue at the polls. This should be a thing 🙂
14:59:52 From Leslie Harris : I am wondering about the issue of how you discuss this stuff in a course.
15:05:37 From Leslie Harris : Thank you!
15:05:42 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : have a great weekend
15:05:51 From reo : Thx bye