Chat Transcript 20181109: “Deliberative Discussion” NIFI + Zoom

“Deliberative Discussion” Live, Online
(for Difficult Issues e.g., USA Immigration Policy post mid-term elections)

14:02:33 From Steven Gilbert :
14:02:55 From Steven Gilbert :
14:05:11 From pcancro :
14:05:45 From pcancro :
14:08:56 From Steven Gilbert : Paula was especially interested in “classroom” online discussion options for her own teaching.
14:09:08 From Beth Dailey : I am about to forward the information on how to connect to the platform we will be using with Paula in a few minutes. Check you email.
14:09:21 From Steven Gilbert : NIFI Forum stuff mostly free, hard copies for fee BUT you can get FREE PDF versions for most
14:10:54 From Steven Gilbert : Training is provided by NIFI (free, online) and is required as prereq for access to SOME features, materials. Some guides, resources avail only to those who have completed “moderator” training (1-4 hours?)
14:11:02 From Beth Dailey : Paula, is the lack of audio by design?
14:11:25 From Steven Gilbert : “Standard” NIFI Deliberative Forums designed for approx 2 hours.
14:13:57 From John Munro : sorry, I’m bandwidth challenged
14:14:07 From reo : I volunteer to be DL
14:14:37 From reo : I hope there wasn’t any homework for this
14:16:24 From Beth Dailey :
14:21:33 From Leslie Harris : Do you want us to type in our “immigration” stories?
14:21:35 From Steven Gilbert : John, can you join live?
14:22:26 From John Munro : I’m live in zoom, video muted, (audio muted right now)
14:22:41 From Beth Dailey : Welcome Flavio. This link will take you to the forum
14:22:42 From Beth Dailey :
14:23:11 From Beth Dailey : we are experiemneting with the Common Ground platform
14:23:31 From John Munro : I’ll try the nifi link
14:25:27 From Steven Gilbert : Welcome, Flavio… right now I can only see the top third or so of your face. I’m not complaining, merely informing!
15:06:13 From Beth Dailey : I am curious to know what peole think about this. Will you use it or recomend it to others?
15:06:16 From Leslie Harris : I am wondering how Paula follows up on all these results.
15:06:53 From Beth Dailey : Paula, are there any topics more connected to education
15:06:57 From Leslie Harris : How do you promote discussion after we find out about participants’ agreement and disagreement?
15:07:55 From John Munro : looks very capable, but I need to read again, and then do it my self. Is it possible to have a solo session — me discussing with myself?
15:07:59 From Beth Dailey : Good question Leslie, I am not understanding the chat feature and how it works
15:09:19 From pcancro : Link to issues guide page:
15:10:09 From pcancro : Leslie and Beth – The chat feature is just that, so the moderator can use that to prompt discussion points and the participants can chat freely
15:10:39 From Beth Dailey : this topic is interesting How Can We Create Engaged Communities In A Time Of Rapid Change?
15:11:25 From Steven Gilbert : Beth, is that one of the NIFI choices?
15:11:26 From Beth Dailey : this looks good. Divided We Fail: Why It’s Time For A Broader, More Inclusive Conversation On The Future Of Higher Education
15:11:35 From Leslie Harris : Here is the URL to get to the guides (without my name) 😉
15:11:37 From Leslie Harris :
15:13:12 From Steven Gilbert : Non-Classroom Education
15:15:59 From Leslie Harris : What about the Climate Change one?
15:16:10 From Leslie Harris : “How Should We Meet the Challenges of a Warming Planet?”
15:16:32 From Steven Gilbert : Dec 14 Divided we Fail or Engaged ; no prep required (but suggested) and no fee/ no special new account required
15:16:45 From Steven Gilbert : Climate Change
15:17:10 From John Munro : fake fake news?
15:19:10 From pcancro : John – since that one isn’t up there as an issue guide I need to find out if we can “customize” to add our own content
15:19:39 From pcancro : takes away some of the anonymity (sp)
15:20:35 From pcancro : I think it does impact it
15:20:55 From pcancro : That actually makes sense to keep it more anonymous/neutral
15:20:55 From Leslie Harris : Without video and audio, do the students learn what to do just from the chat?
15:20:57 From Steven Gilbert : Audio AND Video options AND Text : individual choices; … WHAT DIFFERENCE(S) DOES IT MAKE TO OFFER VIDEO, AUDIO, OR NEITHER???
15:21:31 From John Munro : steve just SHOUTED for impact — well!
15:22:48 From Steven Gilbert : Who is more/less comfortable interacting via text only? via audio only? via audio and video? etc… every combination? What about giving participants INDIVIDUAL choices among media for participation? vs. Decision for all?
15:25:33 From pcancro : @John 😀
15:26:05 From Leslie Harris : It helped me that Paula could direct us via audio and video.
15:26:51 From Beth Dailey : I did like that Paula could walk us through our questions re the platform.
15:27:39 From Leslie Harris : But I also had two screens to use, so I had the Zoom on one screen and the NIFI platform on the other.
15:27:48 From reo :
15:28:20 From Steven Gilbert : Nov 30 frlv! Beth’s media options;
15:29:27 From John Munro : thanks everyone!! learned a lot, and realized stuf I didn’t know
15:30:13 From reo : Thanks – interesting topic and tool
15:30:22 From Leslie Harris : Bye everyone!
15:30:24 From reo : Bye