Chat Transcript 20181207: “Free MOOC & WIKI: Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning: Intro to #EmTechMOOC and EmTechWIKI from SUNY”

13:46:18 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan : hello
13:46:31 From Sally Gilbert : hello back at you
13:51:22 From Steven Gilbert : I’ll be right with you! getting my hot tea!
13:51:37 From Steven Gilbert : You’re looking and sounding very good, including your slides
13:59:13 From Steven Gilbert :
13:59:24 From Robert Voelker-Morris : My Zoom acting a bit off, want to get out of full screen but can’t seem to get “fit to window” to work
14:00:16 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Ah, okay I bet that is it
14:00:34 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Been awhile too since I have used Zoom
14:01:53 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Hi Robert, good to see you
14:02:06 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Hi Beth
14:04:41 From Steven Gilbert :
14:08:20 From Steven Gilbert : These links are avail in the planning doc
14:08:40 From Steven Gilbert : http://bitly/tlt_fridaylive
14:08:53 From Steven Gilbert : http://bitly/tlt_fridaylive
14:11:09 From Steven Gilbert : oops here;s the correct url:
14:12:39 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Sorry Mute was off, hope the typing did not come across. Zoom driving me crazy today
14:13:30 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Hi Sammy
14:15:56 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : How is it determined that Coursera is the most widely used MOOC platfoirm? just curious
14:16:26 From Robert Voelker-Morris : “market value”?
14:16:41 From Robert Voelker-Morris : best branded?
14:18:19 From Steven Gilbert : The 9 best MOOCs platforms Massively Open Online Courses’ audience are growing steadily and their recognition as equivalent to a regular university is slowly establishing itself. A lot of MOOC platforms where launched in the past decade but not every one of them is worth your time. Even fewer of them give out trustworthy degrees. Here is a list of the 9 most popular and trusted MOOC platforms out there.
14:22:13 From Steven Gilbert : Anyone know of other resources “like” MOOCs that are VERY different from this one? I don’t
14:24:50 From marcia.oliveira : Can you share the link on the chat area?
14:25:27 From Becky Burke (UB) :
14:26:11 From marcia.oliveira : Thanks. 🙂
14:27:36 From Steven Gilbert : also: Invitation to participate in this MOOC – free –
14:29:16 From Becky Burke (UB) : Gotta step out for a sec. Be right back.
14:31:32 From Steven Gilbert : ANYONE GOT A FAVORITE RESOURCE FOR ONLINE DISCUSSIONS? “Better” in some ways than the Coursera one that Robin mentioned.
14:35:05 From Steven Gilbert : For faculty and other higher ed colleagues, prefer LinkedIn to Facebook or other social media???
14:35:57 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : what % of participants are students? Is this growing?
14:36:25 From Steven Gilbert : “Completors” – how do you know? how much could someone be benefitting WITHOUT completing?
14:38:48 From Steven Gilbert : I ask about the benefits for non-completers because I’ve heard many times about people who benefit a lot from some MOOC BUT NOT IN ONLY THE WAYS INTENDED BY THOSE WHO DEVELOPED IT
14:40:39 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : I say yes to the activity
14:44:42 From Steven Gilbert : “It’s not chaos, it’s engagement”
14:44:54 From Sally Gilbert : Ah…the line between chaos and engagement!
14:46:17 From John Munro : any ideas of “top twenty….” etc
14:46:53 From Steven Gilbert : Take photos outside of class and bring them in and share… online?
14:48:24 From Steven Gilbert : SAMR model
14:48:32 From Robert Voelker-Morris : So not sure if the correct forum, but an issue I run into with using something like blogs is that the students complain I am not using the LMS, which I know I should be more transparent about why I am using blogs vs the LMS, but we have set up the students to expect EVERYTHING online done through our LMS, which is annoying.
14:49:02 From Steven Gilbert : LMS: Love it or leave it? topic for future ?
14:49:07 From Robert Voelker-Morris : thoughts? does the MOOC fall into this trap too?
14:50:00 From Robert Voelker-Morris : as in the expectation everything done is packaged in ONE platform vs. using multiple entry points and so on?
14:50:06 From John Munro : some particular LMS are not as good/helpful, and the open free application/tool can be preferred instead of tool within LMS
14:50:28 From Chris Price : Can’t think of anything. 😉
14:51:31 From Robert Voelker-Morris : plus LMSs are plain ugly! 😉
14:51:57 From Robert Voelker-Morris : (sorry my two-cents)
14:52:18 From John Munro : yes, four-cents now
14:52:31 From Steven Gilbert : Some activities that COULD be done via LMS but individual faculty don’t want to … privacy, control, … style?
14:54:05 From Becky Burke (UB) : Thanks for doing this, loved doing the emtech MOOC originally. Great to know new opportunities exist.
14:54:10 From Robert Voelker-Morris : And I love the approach Robin is showing and getting students/people thinking outside “boxes” and building skills of interacting with different applications and so on to build a stronger learning portfolio that replicates the work world where we do NOT use just one platform, and the more creative you can use technology the more well rounded worker you will be
14:54:18 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : What do you think Robin, about a date. We need a little time to experiment with the site
14:54:19 From Robert Voelker-Morris : anyways that is what is hard to communicate to the students
14:54:28 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Is January 25th too soon?
14:54:45 From Robert Voelker-Morris : a bit off-topic I know but what has been shown by Robin brings it up very strongly IMO
14:55:12 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan : 25th works great for me
14:55:32 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : I would like to try the MOOC anyone else?
14:56:44 From John Munro : create a TLT portfolio of cameos?
14:56:45 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Robin, did you use picktochart for the info graphics?
14:56:59 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : @John, cool idea
14:57:04 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan : yes – Piktochart is great
14:57:52 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan : @John – a TLT portfolio of cameos is a very good idea
14:59:22 From Robert Voelker-Morris : This has been great and informative today, but I do need to log off a bit early today, hope to catch up more late about your plans Steve later, thanks everyone
15:00:00 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan : Thanks Robert
15:00:03 From John Munro : make cameos during next 6-8 weeks?
15:00:38 From John Munro : cameo template?
15:01:13 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : I am thinking the cameos and MOOC experiemntation as being connected and possibly not connected.
15:01:36 From Chris Price : Great job Robin!
15:01:59 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan : Thanks Chris
15:03:38 From Sally Gilbert : $51.05
15:04:52 From Steven Gilbert : Return engagement Robin Sullivan Jan 25!
15:05:23 From whatcher : What’s the Wki url?
15:05:51 From marcia.oliveira : I will be glad to. 🙂
15:06:11 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : wiki url
15:07:04 From marcia.oliveira : So far I see that Beth and I will enjoying the MOOC journey. Anybody else?
15:10:26 From LAARON : Bye all.
15:10:42 From whatcher : @Beth. Thanks
15:14:27 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Yes, Marcia, you and I so far
15:15:31 From whatcher : Robin. Is this wiki in the course?
15:15:56 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan :
15:16:28 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan : Yes – wiki is embedded in course but it is also at
15:16:54 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : It was very valuable Robin, watching you move through the site. I’m looking forward to learning more from you.
15:22:41 From marcia.oliveira : It is always good to go on a journey with someone. It is much more fun and engaging. :-
15:28:33 From marcia.oliveira : Thanks, Robin. Very valuable all the info and links!
15:30:25 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan : Thank you all. Please share info about the MOOC widely
15:31:04 From Steven Gilbert : 10amET wed dec 12 plan Jan 25 invitation etc.