Chat Transcript 20181214: “Live Demo Online Deliberative Discussion Method w Topic “Changing World…Ask of Higher Education?” FridayLive! Dec 14 2pmET”

13:56:41 From Paula Cancro : Hi there – made it!
13:57:04 From Steven Gilbert : Hooray!
13:57:43 From Steven Gilbert :
13:58:38 From Paula Cancro : sorry – temporqary mic
13:58:46 From Paula Cancro : can you hear me
13:59:08 From Paula Cancro : let me get my headset
13:59:32 From Herb : It works
14:00:32 From Paula Cancro : ccan you hear me now?
14:00:43 From Paula Cancro : good audio fofrom the video
14:00:50 From Paula Cancro : let me test my headset again
14:01:23 From Paula Cancro : i’ll loog out and log back in
14:02:46 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group :
14:03:54 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Not sure what I consented to though
14:04:05 From Robert Voelker-Morris : said just first name so followed that
14:04:40 From Roberta Tipton : Roberta has joined.
14:04:42 From Paula Cancro : I’m on audio on my phone
14:11:33 From Steven Gilbert :
14:12:42 From paul.roper : yes
14:15:41 From Herb : yes
14:16:16 From Steven Gilbert : Seems that the way we’re doing this, everyone but me can hear now! anypone NOT hearing the sound now?
14:17:35 From Steven Gilbert : Link to join this CGA forum!
14:18:12 From Herb : Both, yes
14:20:28 From Steven Gilbert : Pls use this chat to indicate if you are having difficulty seeing/hearing.
14:21:07 From Steven Gilbert : What you’re seeing by my sharing MY screen is what it looks like to someon who has logged in as a participant (in this case, me)
14:21:50 From Steven Gilbert : As far as I know, the only audio that will be provided by/throug the platform is from pre-recorded video
14:22:37 From Steven Gilbert : Approx max 12 per “forum room” but can have multiple interconnected “rooms”for larger than 12 participants
14:26:45 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Here is the link to the forum
14:28:25 From Robert Voelker-Morris : I am putting them in order
14:32:02 From David Parker : will there be statistics on how many chose what?
14:32:21 From Herb : The difference is between training and participating. During training the audio is VERY helpful. When actually paripating then I might consider those concerns (I still like the audio option).
14:34:52 From Herb : Are these MY choices? I see some that I didn’t choose.
14:35:02 From Phillip Edwards : Same.
14:35:30 From Phillip Edwards : Same here.
14:35:38 From Herb : On my machine I’m not seeing my choices, either.
14:37:52 From Herb : Where did the choices come from to begin with?
14:38:58 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Drawback options seems redundant to what I did before in the putting them into the three categories (?)
14:40:03 From Robert Voelker-Morris : “live with” is a bit harsh!
14:40:11 From Rick : I have to leave early – thx and have a nice winter break TLT folks!
14:42:38 From Steven Gilbert : Do our colleges and universities bear some responsibility for the challenges facing young graduates today? Do they owe it to society to train a new generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, job-creators, and citizen leaders? And do we still look to them to be the engines of social progress and economic development they have been in the past?
14:42:48 From Herb : It didn’t.
14:44:10 From Steven Gilbert : 3 option
14:44:19 From Steven Gilbert : 5 actions per option
14:45:24 From Steven Gilbert : some drawbacks and some benefits for EACH action
14:46:42 From Steven Gilbert : 0-100% Level of “SUPPORT”
14:47:00 From Steven Gilbert : 0-100% Level of AGREEMENT
14:47:44 From Robert Voelker-Morris : I’m confused by the difference between support and agreement
14:48:23 From Robert Voelker-Morris : still confused by difference
14:48:26 From Steven Gilbert : “SUPPORT” depends on should, conflicted, not
14:50:11 From Steven Gilbert : AGREEMENT depends on should
14:50:16 From Steven Gilbert : ???
14:51:17 From Herb : In the forum you can effect the move by how you vote. It’s dramatic in this sense because we’re a small group
14:52:08 From nate gilbert : (im seeing “C” in the upper right)
14:52:52 From Herb : No, D is in the middle on the support. Lower on agreement
14:54:57 From Steven Gilbert : support = left right = I can live with this; conflicted; can’t live with this
15:01:41 From Herb : It looks like on the color graph, Action move it up or down and the Drawback move it left or right.
15:03:03 From Paula Cancro : these all look great
15:03:58 From Herb : Does the “year” mean through 2018 or 2019?
15:04:02 From Sally Gilbert : $45.12
15:05:19 From Robert Voelker-Morris : So the difference is how we feel about the initial “action” and then the stated “drawback” after we choose our initial thoughts about the action
15:05:25 From Robert Voelker-Morris : ?
15:05:46 From Robert Voelker-Morris : and this then aligns with Herb’s observations about how the graph is working
15:05:56 From Sally Gilbert : that seems right, robert
15:09:04 From Herb : More people could live with the drawbacks and or support it.
15:19:35 From Steven Gilbert : 3 Options X 5 actions MUST BE READY IN ADVANCE
15:19:48 From nate gilbert : thanks all – really interesting option for getting a discussion going
15:22:57 From Steven Gilbert : February 1, 2019 return Paula & friends!!!!
15:23:55 From Robert Voelker-Morris : thanks everyone!
15:24:31 From Herb : Yes, thanks for this. My mind is spinning as I think about how to incorporate this with Team based learning.



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