Chat Transcript 20190322: Planning Session (Open Brainstorming and Discussion) for new FridayLive! series: “Killer” Gateway Courses & LTAs March 22 2pmET

14:15:52 From Dale Parker : I think Steve gave us a good intro to the term I didn’t know before
14:20:12 From Dale Parker : Because I teach at Cambridge College which is a program for working adults (nontraditional students) we are given a lot of flexibility in teaching those courses. We have addressed this with remedial courses, tutoring and designing the courses differently from traditional colleges.
14:21:48 From kylesonger : Potential Hurdle Gateway Course maybe
14:22:13 From kylesonger : or Hurdle Gateway Course
14:24:05 From Steven Gilbert : What modifier for “Gateway Course” helps identify those that are the important for a “large” number of people?
14:24:30 From Steven Gilbert : Gen Ed requirement courses?
14:24:43 From Giselle Pempedjian : mandatory?
14:24:46 From Dale Parker : aren’t they gen ed courses that everyone has to take no matter what?
14:25:34 From Giselle Pempedjian : Essential?
14:26:07 From Dale Parker : The last four in the list
14:26:30 From Giselle Pempedjian : Academic writing
14:26:40 From Steven Gilbert : Math Writing/Grammar/English/AcademicWriting
14:26:50 From Dale Parker : We call them writing which covers all of that
14:27:02 From Giselle Pempedjian : it includes reading, writing, mechanics…
14:27:28 From Steven Gilbert : Math Writing/Reading
14:28:02 From Sally Gilbert : If we include chemistry, Saundra might help us/
14:28:12 From Steven Gilbert : InfoTech
14:28:16 From kylesonger : Information Tech – Good Point
14:28:25 From Giselle Pempedjian : computer literacy
14:30:19 From Giselle Pempedjian : was not very clear for me
14:32:19 From Giselle Pempedjian : we also have WP Withraw Pass or WF Withdraw Fail
14:32:41 From David Parker : grade of D
14:32:45 From David Parker : grade of F
14:32:57 From David Parker : Withdraw [Drop]
14:33:01 From David Parker : Incomplete
14:33:05 From Steven Gilbert : STEM Medical / Healt careers
14:33:06 From David Parker : DFWI
14:33:11 From Sally Gilbert : If we include chemistry, Saundra might help us/
14:33:20 From Steven Gilbert : Chemistry
14:33:29 From Steven Gilbert : Calculus Statistics
14:33:57 From David Parker : Would we be able to come up with a general plan for any Introductory Science course?
14:34:01 From Steven Gilbert : MATH: Algebra, Statistics, Calculus
14:36:09 From Giselle Pempedjian : freshman level courses include the courses such as calculus, chemistry …
14:36:34 From Steven Gilbert : FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE
14:37:18 From David Parker : at almost all the schools I’ve been at, there’s math, reading and writing assessments. a certain level of each is required to get into a science course.
14:37:59 From David Parker : ## assessments given to incoming students or students without prerequisite courses
14:39:11 From Douglas Eder : DFWI in the assessment community that I have been exposed to means grade of D, grade of F, Withdrawal, and Incomplete.
14:39:16 From kylesonger : I think Biology needs to be in there.
14:39:39 From Steven Gilbert : MATH, WRITING/READING, TECH, CHEM,
14:39:45 From David Parker : Most schools probably have biology beside chemistry
14:40:00 From Douglas Eder : I concur that biology should be in the group, but more often than not, freshman chemistry is prerequisite to the first biology course… or at least co-requisite.
14:41:56 From Steven Gilbert : GATEWAY IS AT FRESHMAN (FIRST-YEAR) LEVEL
14:43:10 From kylesonger : I agree
14:43:32 From Steven Gilbert : Computer Literacy [Information Literacy?]
14:43:53 From David Parker : Information LIteracy is the current buzzword’
14:44:54 From Giselle Pempedjian : 1st year could be sophomore level for many students
14:45:54 From Giselle Pempedjian : and many of the Freshman courses are not counted for their graduation
14:46:14 From Giselle Pempedjian : Freshman courses are around 24 credits
14:49:02 From David Parker : our defiition of gateway should be beyond remedial or developmental courses, I think
14:49:02 From Giselle Pempedjian : I think it depends on the major they select (prerequisite will be added accordingly) based on SAT scores
14:50:52 From David Parker : what things would be considered for LTA – tutorials, games, grammar/math checkers??
14:52:40 From Steven Gilbert : Alternatives to offering LTAs in FridayLive! sessions?
14:53:24 From David Parker : programs, activities, assignments
14:56:57 From David Parker : National Science Foundation [NSF] has a lot of grants and a database of grant history and results for improving, creating, etc. courses
15:02:38 From Giselle Pempedjian : Can we work together to build and maintain an open online course for the foundation courses?
15:03:14 From David Parker : a librarian or a grant writer
15:04:43 From Steven Gilbert : Susan Dempsey(?) Arizona Western College
15:05:02 From David Parker : Susan Dempsey, Arizona Western College,
15:05:43 From Giselle Pempedjian : SUNY should help, I think
15:06:38 From Douglas Eder to Steven Gilbert(Privately) : I MAY have access to one of the chemistry professors who acquired numerous examples of LTAs. I was outside evaluator for his grant and witnessed the 5-10 minute presentations by members of his workshops. He collected the presentations and handouts on CDs. He may well have the CDs (I do not), and I could perhaps recover a few of those LTAs. I tend to see this professor after church services on Sundays. I’ll ask him this coming Sunday.
15:06:49 From Giselle Pempedjian : It needs planning and a blueprint
15:07:08 From Dale Parker : Sorry I have to go catch up with you next week
15:07:18 From Giselle Pempedjian : Bye Dale
15:07:24 From Giselle Pempedjian : Have a nice weekend
15:08:16 From Steven Gilbert : FRLV SESSION – LTAs and “Programs” (need more time, institutional support, but could be understood well enough in 10 minutes to launch a commitment that would result in an improvement to a gateway course in the next term or academic year
15:10:57 From David Parker : Does your definition of LTA only include online resources and not downloadable ones?
15:14:27 From Giselle Pempedjian : This might not be relevant to our session.
15:14:57 From Giselle Pempedjian : I need external opinions on an activity/competition
15:15:06 From Giselle Pempedjian : I am running
15:16:23 From Giselle Pempedjian :
15:16:52 From Steven Gilbert : Remake of Blackout to Enlighten Made with joy Avatar of Giselle Giselle ● 17m
15:17:20 From Steven Gilbert : See Stephen Colbert recent monologues
15:19:55 From Douglas Eder : Gotta go.. I’ll dig through my resources and see what I can find…. Happy spring weekend, all.
15:20:04 From David Parker : bye now


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