Chat Transcript 20181005 Snackable Learning

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13:54:59 From Steven Gilbert :
14:00:44 From Steven Gilbert : HTTP://TLT.GS/fRIDAYlIVETLTG
14:01:00 From Steven Gilbert :
14:02:13 From Karen Skibba : Look forward to the session!
14:02:16 From BrianHickam, Blackburn College : Greetings from central Illinois.
14:03:15 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Current temp in Minocqua, WI is 40 F. Burrrr….. planning to golf later. really.
14:03:35 From Steven Gilbert :
14:11:46 From Bonnie Mullinix : Beth – after you put all that work in, have you shared any of these quizlet cards forward with others studying the winemaking course? Seems like a great tool.
14:13:44 From Bonnie Mullinix : Yes, but did you share it with anyone in particular (or just made it open for searching).
14:13:54 From Bonnie Mullinix : ?
14:14:23 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Bonnie, I created a class and made it available to my wine study group only
14:15:52 From Bonnie Mullinix : That was nice of you to share with them (and what I was wondering)… after all that work, it is worth perhaps sharing more broadly (or letting your wine colleagues know about it).
14:15:53 From Sally Gilbert : Current situation in Takoma Park is foggy and acorns falling like hail.
14:17:02 From BrianHickam, Blackburn College : I’m here to see what could be useful to librarian’s research consultations and library instruction sessions (aka one-shots that last about 30-50″).
14:17:18 From Bonnie Mullinix : Agreed Karen!
14:17:56 From Mary Huntsman : Ditto what Brian said. I’m a library director and we need to find something doable in library instruction that will help faculty teaching hybrids that are only in-seat one day a week.
14:18:13 From Sally Gilbert : That’s really interesting, Mary.
14:18:58 From Mary Huntsman : We get a lot of “I don’t have time for library instruction so I teach them what they need to know for only my class”. That’s usually not enough.
14:19:49 From Bonnie Mullinix : “Sparkshop – 15 min sessions & Todd Z’s 5-min sessions designed for Department Meeting focus sessions are close examples in Faculty Development efforts.
14:21:46 From Bonnie Mullinix : Recently attended a PODLive! webinar on Sparkshop: The “Sparkshop”: Making Faculty Development Timely and Department-Based Friday, 9/21/18, 1-2 EST With Megan Frary and Teresa Focarile, Boise State University To reach faculty that don’t regularly engage in professional development around teaching, we developed the “Sparkshop”, a 15 minute, active-learning based workshop that can be facilitated in a department meeting. Each Sparkshop asks faculty members to look at data supporting the use of a certain evidence-based instructional practice (EBIP), has them try out the teaching practice, and then allows them to discuss with disciplinary colleagues how to integrate that approach into their courses. This session is structured to mirror the format of the Sparkshop, giving attendees opportunities to both participate in a Sparkshop and develop one for their own institution.
14:22:05 From John Munro : howdy buddy!
14:24:47 From Heidi Mede : Robin, do you have a link to the site that you are referring to?
14:25:01 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan : SUNY Exploring Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning and Success (#EmTechMOOC)
14:25:10 From Sally Gilbert : Robin – Would you come back to talk about this on FRLV?
14:25:22 From Heidi Mede : Thanks!
14:25:42 From Sally Gilbert : THANKS!
14:28:47 From Karen Skibba : That sounds great!
14:30:59 From Karen Skibba : I just enrolled!
14:31:56 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan : Please share this announcement widely with faculty and students.
14:32:04 From Bonnie Mullinix : Sounds great Robin!
14:44:24 From Douglas Eder : If it’s straight memory work that is being sought, then memorizing lines for a play is regularly done in 15-20 minute chunks.
14:47:47 From Douglas Eder : In contrast, trying to digest Nietsche or Joyce is perhaps less amenable to bite-size encounters.
14:49:26 From BrianHickam, Blackburn College : Yes! Our students are in a work program as Blackburn is a work college. Many also have off-campus, part-time jobs, and all of family matters and other constraints.
14:49:26 From Douglas Eder : String theory (or M-theory) is similarly and probably less “packable” into snacks.
14:50:33 From Douglas Eder : The math alone requires some prolonged concentration.
14:52:38 From Steven Gilbert :
14:53:36 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan : PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations

o Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Math
14:53:47 From Bonnie Mullinix : You’re invited to add to DISCUSSION3 Likelihood of Success
14:58:01 From Mary Huntsman : There are a lot of Internet deserts. I’m in one of them in Appalachia.
14:58:10 From Mary Huntsman : FCC and Pew have that data
14:59:06 From Sally Gilbert : who is walkrjd?
15:00:58 From Sally Gilbert : Sorry about the desert.
15:03:37 From Steven Gilbert : OCT 12: Student Classroom Engagement: RESOURCES & RECOMMENDATIONS (re the CHALLENGES identified Sept 28) HOW can we enhance the quality of student/faculty interaction in online sessions within hybrid and online courses? Preparatory Survey – Pls help shape the Oct 12 session via this online survey right now (about 2 minutes): Recommend an enhancement for student classroom engagement that addresses some of these CHALLENGES:
15:03:50 From Steven Gilbert :
15:04:19 From Sally Gilbert :
15:04:56 From Bonnie Mullinix : I have to run, but glad I made time to check in with everyone today. Have a great weekend all!
15:05:58 From Sally Gilbert : special membership offer $40.05
15:06:53 From Karen Skibba : Thank you!
15:07:01 From BrianHickam, Blackburn College : Thanks, all.
15:07:05 From John Munro : my home i’net (backup) is useful — been hosting zoom class sessions from here instead of campus for several days
15:07:14 From Roberta (Robin) Sullivan : thank you always
15:08:56 From Steven Gilbert :
15:18:13 From Douglas Eder : Took time AFK to look for Schilling beeper study article. Cursory search didn’t locate it. Maybe later….
15:22:22 From Douglas Eder : TTFN. Good weekend to all.