Chat Transcript 20190308: “LTAs for Online Synchronous Sessions” FridayLive!

13:51:31 From Giselle Pempedjian : hello everyone and happy women’s day!
13:52:09 From Sally Gilbert : Same to you! Truly I*nternational.
13:52:16 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Hi Giselle, how are you today?
13:52:36 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Giselle, what time is it where you are?
13:53:16 From Giselle Pempedjian : all is well, thx!
13:53:29 From Saundra McGuire : Hi Giselle. And Happy Women’s Day to you!
13:53:31 From Giselle Pempedjian : It is 8:53 pm
13:54:05 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Happy end of the day Giselle!!!
13:54:08 From Saundra McGuire : Where are you, Giselle?
13:54:48 From Giselle Pempedjian : @Saundra from Beirut, Lebanon
13:55:29 From Giselle Pempedjian : I think the new one has the tops with Create
13:57:43 From Saundra McGuire : yes
14:10:28 From Dale Parker : It was not muted
14:11:53 From Saundra McGuire : I don’t see ir yet.
14:12:06 From Litsa Varonis : I don’t see it either.
14:12:24 From Bruce Huddleson : on ipad in zoom in top right Tap the 3 dots
14:12:38 From Saundra McGuire : i see it!
14:12:40 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Same here
14:12:45 From Litsa Varonis : Yes – thanks.
14:12:52 From Carolyn : Got it!
14:12:53 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Litza, what device are you using?
14:12:59 From Dale Parker : got it
14:13:07 From Saundra McGuire : yes
14:13:08 From Litsa Varonis : Using a Macbook.
14:13:11 From Dee : I see it now.
14:13:56 From Saundra McGuire : I didn’t
14:14:01 From Grisell Rodriguez : I see it underneath the participant list
14:14:59 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Find the “Participants” click on that. You will see the list of participants, at the bottom of the list is the yes no feature
14:15:39 From Saundra McGuire : Repeat the qeustion
14:16:10 From Saundra McGuire : Sorry
14:17:08 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Yikes!!! That a loaded second part!
14:17:37 From Robert Voelker-Morris : 😉
14:18:14 From Giselle Pempedjian : great tip!
14:21:13 From Litsa Varonis : My picture came up automatically – is that the default? Or leftover from the last time I used Zoom?
14:21:53 From Sally Gilbert : Probably leftover. I had to activate my picture.
14:22:03 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Question: So for the first question and if there was only one person who needs that support (Zoom overview) but everyone else does not what do you think the “best practice” for addressing that one person’s need?
14:22:09 From Litsa Varonis : Good thing to know!
14:22:16 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Hi Litsa, it may be that you have a Zoom account and have added a picture. Is that correct?
14:22:46 From Litsa Varonis : I used the wrong term – my video launched automatically. I have not uploaded an image.
14:22:47 From Ilene Frank : Ilene
14:22:48 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : great question Robert
14:22:52 From Carolyn : Carolyn Campbell – Wolfville, Nova Scotia Canada
14:22:58 From Saundra McGuire : Saundra McGuire, Baton Rouge, LA
14:22:59 From Ilene Frank : Ilene Frank, Tanpa FL
14:23:04 From John Munro : john st croix
14:23:05 From Grisell Rodriguez : Grisell Rodriguez, Mayaguez, PR
14:23:06 From Sally Gilbert : sally gilbert takoma park md
14:23:07 From Litsa Varonis : Litsa Varonis, Hiram College, Hiram OH
14:23:08 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Robert, Eugene, Oregon, University of Oregon
14:23:08 From Michael Clouser, eCornell : Michael Clouser, Edinburgh, Scotland
14:23:12 From Dale Parker : Dale Parker Springfield MA
14:23:13 From Giselle Pempedjian : Giselle Pempedjian, Beirut, Lebanon
14:23:30 From Bruce Huddleson : Bruce Huddleson Southeastern Community College, West Burlington IA
14:23:41 From Kevin : Kevin H
14:23:41 From Karen : Germantown, WI
14:25:12 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Litsa, Steve has set the Zoom controls to allow video and audio to automatically open when people enter. This is something that can be adjusted as the meeting is set up.
14:25:49 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Beth, Minocqua, WI
14:26:05 From Michael Clouser, eCornell : I’d like to see the shared whiteboard? I didn’t realize it was a feature of zoom and I have used zoom before many times
14:26:19 From Litsa Varonis : Beth, thanks for the explanation. But my mic is muted without my doing anything.
14:27:16 From Sally Gilbert : So glad to hear you!
14:27:25 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Litsa, I may have muted your microphone.
14:28:32 From Michael Clouser, eCornell : 🙂
14:29:21 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : It is a great idea to mute your microphone after your introdcution. this will minimize background noise, Thanks
14:29:51 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : It was great hearing everyone’s voice
14:29:59 From John Munro : i’m jealous
14:30:18 From John Munro : of bandwidth
14:30:18 From Kevin : lol Steve
14:30:25 From Bruce Huddleson : intros also adds option for how to pronounce name
14:32:04 From Ilene Frank : yes
14:32:04 From Giselle Pempedjian : yes
14:32:15 From Michael Clouser : Yes.
14:32:23 From Steven Gilbert : Thanks again Bruce!
14:32:45 From Bruce Huddleson : you are welcome Steve
14:33:23 From Bruce Huddleson : Thanks, Steve for your great task analyze of starting a synchronous session
14:33:28 From Kevin : remembering
14:33:44 From Carl Thelen : A short writing assignment, reflecting on what we just learned.
14:33:53 From Michael Clouser : looking into a pool of water
14:34:02 From Bruce Huddleson : taking the time to reflect
14:34:14 From Grisell Rodriguez : Thinking, analyzing, sorting
14:34:43 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : I think the audio and video helps build community.
14:34:44 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group :
14:34:45 From Grisell Rodriguez : cannot see the screen being shared
14:34:58 From Carolyn : making personal meaning
14:35:19 From Dale Parker : link is not live
14:35:37 From Dale Parker : its ok
14:36:11 From Steven Gilbert : HTTP://
14:36:46 From Bruce Huddleson : slow WiFi here
14:37:17 From Giselle Pempedjian : @Beth what is the purpose of the lock tab?
14:37:22 From Steven Gilbert : How comfortable are each of us with silence in this environment? How long is long enough for reflection? Too long?
14:37:36 From Dale Parker : I was just being lazy
14:37:44 From Kevin : Hey I was able to post into the link. Is there a way to ‘share’ the poll? ie without having to leave the meeting and enter the link? Moodle does this for example.
14:37:47 From Bruce Huddleson : maybe a little long. Not bad
14:37:48 From Sally Gilbert : I would like a count down clock, I think
14:38:05 From Saundra McGuire : I was just thinking that the “wait time” was perfect here.
14:38:12 From Giselle Pempedjian : would that allow us to type directly on the screen?
14:38:34 From Bruce Huddleson : lock might stop poll entries
14:38:34 From Steven Gilbert : If you type in a FULL url into this chat area, it will appear as a clickable link. e.g.,
14:38:40 From Steven Gilbert :
14:39:07 From Sally Gilbert : I especially liked “looking into the pool of water”
14:39:16 From Steven Gilbert : Note that this version does NOT become a clickable link:
14:40:02 From Grisell Rodriguez : The shared screen is too large and more than half cannot be seen
14:40:25 From Steven Gilbert : Anyone know how to insert/embed/display a countdown clock within the zoom interface?
14:41:58 From Bruce Huddleson : Steve this might help with clock-
14:42:22 From Bruce Huddleson : but not exactly a timer/stopwatch
14:42:58 From Dale Parker : Grisell, go to options and change the zoom size to get everything on your screen
14:43:59 From Dale Parker : Grisell “view options” is at the top right on your screen move your cursor
14:44:14 From Grisell Rodriguez : Got it, thanks.
14:44:33 From Dale Parker : Great, you are welcome
14:44:42 From Saundra McGuire : Getting students to understand what learning in college entails and how it is different from high shool
14:44:44 From Steven Gilbert : How much time for this response now?
14:44:53 From Steven Gilbert : 2 minutes?
14:45:04 From John Munro : does Beth get different/better/not results if chat is used for answer vs audio ?
14:45:07 From Michael Clouser : I often ask about take-aways myself — three for example.
14:45:28 From Giselle Pempedjian : I share a padlet with my group of learners where they can add their posts
14:45:35 From Michael Clouser : Yes
14:45:37 From Sally Gilbert : Especially valuable to have “wait Time” before dominant members of a class attempt to take over the conversation
14:45:38 From Dale Parker : I have used it to ask about today’s session/class in one word
14:45:45 From Bruce Huddleson : At end of training session- what have we learned today
14:46:01 From Sally Gilbert : Litsa- your response only went to me
14:46:23 From Giselle Pempedjian : and I use Socrative at the end of the session as an exit question to jot down what they learned from the session
14:46:27 From Grisell Rodriguez : I would use it to ask at the beginning what they expect to learn today?
14:46:42 From Litsa Varonis : Face-to-face: provide opportunities for reflection in writing that is then shared in small groups, with each group sharing at least one response (not necessarily read by the person that wrote it). In online, asking students to synthesize responses to readings/materials/previous discussion by posts to a discussion forum.
14:47:27 From Grisell Rodriguez : I have used pollen as a pre/post quiz
14:47:46 From Carl Thelen : Does anyone use a shared Google Doc for shared reflection writing?
14:47:52 From Grisell Rodriguez : Asking what they know and then at the end what they now know
14:48:19 From John Munro : yes, shared google stuff is really valuable
14:48:49 From Sally Gilbert : I appreciated the connection between gender and speed of response. More often male students will respond fast and not leave room for female students and teachers mistake speed for depth.
14:48:55 From Michael Clouser : Thx
14:49:08 From Giselle Pempedjian : Great ideas @Beth. thx!
14:49:34 From Michael Clouser : Interesting Sally.
14:50:52 From Sally Gilbert : Discount on Membership available today. $53.08 for a year. Please write me to get the special rate.
14:54:30 From Steven Gilbert : New Online Course on Teach Students How to Learn Author of Teach Yourself How to Learn Info at Author of Teach Students How to Learn Info at
14:56:52 From Steven Gilbert : Introduce students to Bloom’s Taxonomy and learning strategies by using reflection activities. Require them to post how they will use this information for the class, and have each student respond to two or three posts.
14:57:29 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Link to the word cloud we created together today
14:57:52 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Been reading Teach Students How to Learn recently! Excellent work
14:58:12 From Michael Clouser : No
14:58:14 From Grisell Rodriguez : no
14:58:32 From Giselle Pempedjian : yes
14:58:38 From Grisell Rodriguez : ok
14:59:17 From Steven Gilbert :
14:59:47 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Robert, The book you are referring to is the one Saundra wrote, is that correct? Teach Students How to Learn: Strategies You Can Incorporate Into Any Course to Improve Student Metacognition, Study Skills, and Motivation
15:00:32 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Question: From the book, Saundra’s, there is a lot of what I see as face-to-face interactions, outside and in the classroom. Especially around motivation and feeling connected to the instructor, so how does this translate to online? Which can feel distant.
15:00:42 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : I like what you are saying Saundra, teaching students how to be better learners.
15:01:08 From Dale Parker : Can we get a copy of this? for diigo
15:01:08 From Steven Gilbert : New Online Course on Teach Students How to Learn Author of Teach Yourself How to Learn Info at Author of Teach Students How to Learn Info at
15:01:09 From Giselle Pempedjian : Absolutely!!
15:01:22 From Michael Clouser : welcme back!
15:01:25 From Grisell Rodriguez : Is the diagram on the study cycle available online?
15:01:31 From Bruce Huddleson : Thanks for sharing these ideas, Just had the question from a student, “How do I study for midterm
15:03:39 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Here is a link I found for the study cycle.
15:03:53 From Grisell Rodriguez : Thanks
15:04:20 From Steven Gilbert :
15:04:40 From Giselle Pempedjian : That’s awesome @Saundra! so helpful!
15:05:11 From Grisell Rodriguez : All links in the chat are working
15:06:10 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Giselle, the Lock on the Poll Everywhere slide does prevent further responses. I think someone may have mentioned that.
15:06:44 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Great job Bruce. Thanks
15:06:45 From Giselle Pempedjian : @Beth thank you
15:06:58 From Michael Clouser : thank you!
15:07:18 From Bruce Huddleson : Thank you for sharing today
15:07:29 From Dale Parker : Yes, I would like to hear more from Saundra
15:07:44 From Giselle Pempedjian : I second Dale!
15:08:07 From Bruce Huddleson : third it
15:12:08 From Steven Gilbert : From Saundra McGuire: what was YOUR single most important takeaway from Saundra’s brief cameo?
15:12:35 From Dale Parker : She is brilliant!
15:12:56 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Yes, great answer, again the big challenge online is that feeling “distant” takes away from the connections that are so important for creating that motivation.
15:13:19 From Grisell Rodriguez : Will look into the study cycle more
15:13:38 From Bruce Huddleson : study cycle diagram
15:13:52 From Litsa Varonis : Thank you! Have a great weekend all.
15:14:16 From Michael Clouser : that’s where a laptop is supposed to go, on the lap
15:14:44 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : I like the idea of talking with students about Blooms taxonomy and help them think about their own learning
15:16:13 From Dale Parker : Wednesdays 10-12 am
15:16:34 From Dale Parker :
15:16:53 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Dale, I am looking for a short pice of free music to use to create a mind calm. Do you or others have recommendations?
15:17:11 From Dale Parker : Thanks Michael.
15:18:46 From Saundra McGuire : I’m so sorry I have to leave now for a 2:30 appt. But please feel free to email me at Thanks so much, everybody! Happy Friday!
15:18:58 From Dale Parker : Beth, you can get a lot of free stuff on youtube. Also, there is an app called “calm.” I don’t know if there is music on it but check it out. I would use the Gentle Side of Trane by John Coltrane
15:19:08 From Giselle Pempedjian : Thank you! and have a great weekend
15:19:20 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Thanks Suandra. I love learning with and from you.
15:19:48 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : thanks Dale
15:20:33 From Michael Clouser : yes that is true
15:20:47 From Bruce Huddleson : RE: Any tips for engaging students in Zoom class- 1 classroom to another classroom. 1 device in each room
15:21:03 From Dale Parker : I will be teaching at the literacy program next week so I won’t be on the radio until the following week DJ ing is volunteer, teaching is $
15:22:07 From Dale Parker : teleconference and webinar
15:22:18 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Relaxation contributes to learning. I am curious to know ways people are using to help students relax as you start a learning event.
15:23:36 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : I hear what you are sayng Dale about volunteering versus being paid. I love working at the local wine shop but the pay is almost like volunteering.
15:23:48 From Dale Parker : I agree Beth and fun also contributes to learning. People would open my classroom door and say “I thought this was a math class, what is all the laughter?”
15:24:23 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : yes, math and laughter seems to more often be a disconnect
15:25:04 From Bruce Huddleson : There is also a tie product (Classroom connection) from Zoom that connects legacy videoconference units to Zoom webconference
15:25:18 From Dale Parker : Incorporate games into learning
15:25:42 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Re: relaxation in the classroom are you familiar with Center for Contemplative Mind in Society
15:25:47 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Dale, do you use games? and if yes, what is one that you use?
15:26:13 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : thank Robert!!
15:27:11 From Michael Clouser : Sure. I’d be glad to do a Cameo
15:27:42 From Bruce Huddleson : would be glad to do cameo
15:27:47 From Dale Parker : Yes, I do. I have used Jeopardy and there are lots of math games online.
15:27:50 From Michael Clouser : got the name right.
15:28:01 From Michael Clouser : 🙂
15:28:32 From Michael Clouser : Sure I’ll send you an email on the cameo (ask) and some fridays that coule work
15:29:41 From Steven Gilbert : RELAXATION… IIN LEARNING…. EVEN ONLINE!!!
15:30:06 From Giselle Pempedjian : Thank you for such a great session
15:30:06 From Dale Parker : Ok, I will do one
15:30:07 From Robert Voelker-Morris : with the Contemplative Mind stuff I never fully have been able to figure out how to replicate the in the classroom activities I do, so I would love to hear from others about this yes.
15:31:16 From Robert Voelker-Morris : yes, makes sense, and that is interesting yes
15:32:03 From Michael Clouser : Interesting
15:32:11 From Giselle Pempedjian : I can share with you how 1. I am using Padlet for assessing students’ work for a competition. 2. how I am using Zoom as online office hours for remote assistance and support.
15:32:12 From Robert Voelker-Morris : begs the question also about live and synchronous and asynchronous formats, which the latter is the big challenge for me
15:32:41 From Michael Clouser : LoL
15:32:48 From Robert Voelker-Morris : you were VERY relaxed it sounds like!!!
15:33:10 From Sally Gilbert : what about the hymns?
15:33:31 From Robert Voelker-Morris : mediative to the extreme!
15:34:09 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Giselle, are you offering to do a cameo?
15:34:25 From Robert Voelker-Morris : another side note about this all and have encountered more online yoga classes too
15:34:53 From John Munro : multiple choice – yes, no, other
15:35:12 From Giselle Pempedjian : Beth, if the topics are interesting
15:35:23 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Rober, my yoga instructor is in Bali most of the year and I keep asking her to o sessions online Not yet.
15:35:58 From Robert Voelker-Morris : What is her reasons not to?
15:36:02 From Robert Voelker-Morris : re: Beth
15:36:10 From Giselle Pempedjian : lol
15:36:11 From Robert Voelker-Morris : what are (proper grammar)
15:36:13 From Michael Clouser : very cool
15:36:25 From Michael Clouser : used to do online beer tasting
15:36:41 From Michael Clouser : seriously
15:36:44 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : She wants to run a class, so we need more people
15:36:50 From Robert Voelker-Morris : I think some of my online students do that too! 😉
15:36:56 From Michael Clouser : found a monastery that brewed beer
15:36:58 From John Munro : mostly offline in my past
15:37:02 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : Giselle, yes, next week?
15:37:25 From Michael Clouser : they taught you about it and you drank beeer and prayed and meditated. early days of internet 1999
15:37:25 From Sally Gilbert : so cool Michael
15:38:14 From Beth Dailey, TLT Group : I love it Michael, way to connect the last 3 topics together.
15:38:16 From Giselle Pempedjian : still around
15:38:36 From Robert Voelker-Morris : Yes, need to leave also, thanks everyone!
15:38:38 From John Munro : has anyone done music/ensembles online?
15:38:40 From Michael Clouser : ake care
15:38:44 From Michael Clouser : Sure
15:38:47 From Michael Clouser : I’ll email
15:38:55 From Bruce Huddleson : Thank you all Enjoy a great weekend
15:38:59 From Bruce Huddleson : bye
15:39:00 From Giselle Pempedjian : sure, will do that!
15:39:04 From Sally Gilbert : I love the music idea
15:39:10 From Giselle Pempedjian : Thank you everyone!!!
15:39:14 From Giselle Pempedjian : bye
15:39:18 From Michael Clouser : You too thank you!!!!


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