Future Events

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  • Cameos and Potholes for FridayLive! – Jan 11 2pmET

  • TO BE SCHEDULED FridayLive! -Jan 18

  • FOLLOW-UP Free MOOC & WIKI  Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning-SUNY FridayLive! – Jan 25 2pmET


  • Requests, Suggestions?  Volunteers?

  • Planning events

  • Snackable Learning? Snackable Teaching?  

  • Highly Consistent Courses & Precision Academics:  Personalizing or Homogenizing Education?

  • Critical vs? Creative Thinking: How Can Online Learning Help/Hinder Either? Both?

  • Living with Dangerous Challenges:  How Can Laughter Save Us?

  • Minecraft, WordPress, and Smart Phones:  New Learning Paradigms – Hidden in Plain Sight