Experiments with WordPress


Interactive Map

WordPress.com + Google My Map Can you suggest how to use this interactively, live, online? The “Google My Map” which is embedded here has been “published” and set for open access. Can you discover how to EASILY insert a location to be visible to all?  

Free Shareworthy Online Interactivities

FridayLive! June 15, 2018 Can you suggest a free “shareworthy interactivity” – based on WordPress.com?  Interactivities that can be used to improve synchronous online sessions?  (Like those included in many online courses and in TLT Group’s FridayLive!) Here’s a sample of an interactive Web page created using Google My Maps and WordPress.com (both free).  https://wp.me/P9VvS1-2Q SEE… Continue reading Free Shareworthy Online Interactivities

Specs for Shareworthy Interactivities

[Introduced in the TLT Group’s FridayLive! June 15, 2018] “Shareworthy Interactivities” = Free “interactivities” that can improve synchronous online sessions – like those included in many online courses and in TLT Group’s FridayLive! Background:  Free Beer, Free Puppy? Example:  Wikipedia “Free Beer” experience for USERS of Wikipedia “Free Puppy” experience for WIKIPEDIANS (Contributors, Editors) Specifications… Continue reading Specs for Shareworthy Interactivities