Specs for Shareworthy Interactivities

[Introduced in the TLT Group’s FridayLive! June 15, 2018]

“Shareworthy Interactivities” = Free “interactivities” that can improve synchronous online sessions – like those included in many online courses and in TLT Group’s FridayLive!

Background:  Free Beer, Free Puppy?

Example:  Wikipedia

  • “Free Beer” experience for USERS of Wikipedia
  • “Free Puppy” experience for WIKIPEDIANS (Contributors, Editors)

Specifications for “Shareworthy” Free, Online, Synchronous Interactivities

  1. Very Low-Threshold for Learners  [Pain Charts:   0-10;   Max 1]
    The learners’ experience must be VERY low-threshold… “one click”;  no prior account;  no registration;  NO 2 steps to take meaningful action;  Minimum # of options, variables, ….;  easy “UNDO”  <ctrl z> or similar works!
  2. Not Necessarily as Low-Threshold as for the learners [Pain Charts:   0-10;   Max 3]
    The teacher/leader/facilitator’ experience
  3. Security – Justifiable Confidence
    ALL participants must be justifiably confident that they know and/or control the visibility, direct consequences, and subsequent use of any of their own responses/actions during a synchronous session.  Including their own identity (i.e., if anonymous participation is offered, those who select that mode should be justifiably confident that their identity will not be available to anyone during/after the session and within any direct results of the session.
  4. Accessibility  CAVEAT:  Increase this, increase thresholds
    As many as possible…. platforms, devices, ….
    As many as possible….learning styles/preferences;  modality disabilities, …
    When? At least fully DURING the synch session.  Desirable… some before, some  after?
  5. Replicability
    “Oh, I see why this is useful.  I could adapt this.  You could teach me how to do this easily.  I understand how I can BEGIN to do something similar.”
  6. Other?