LTAs, Gaps & Requests

We welcome additional Small Improvements and Specific Requests for any FridayLive! session.


I.e., describe an LTA that you would like to share or that you would like to find.

LTAs = Low-Threshold Applications, Activities.

We especially welcome LTAs and requests that address

Small Improvements (LTAs)

Essential Features

  • YOU have used or observed this improvement in teaching/learning
  • Used at least twice by at least two people
  • Can be introduced (explained, demonstrated) online in less than 5 minutes
  • Can be understood enough in less than 5 minutes to decide whether or not to try it

Additional Features (desirable but not required)

  • Uses recent technology: uses some information technology resource that has only become widely accessible to students, faculty, and other academic professionals in higher education within the past 3 years.
  • Widens well-recognized instructional bottleneck:  at least partially repairs a bothersome educational pothole that has troubled many learners.  Helps them through an educational gateway to advanced courses and opens career options.

Specific Requests for LTAs

Describe some SMALL, USEFUL improvement to teaching/learning.  Something that…

  • You (or a colleague) would welcome and use very soon.
  • Helps with a specific topic, idea, or skill.
  • Addresses an “instructional bottleneck” that has been difficult and important for many learners.