WORKING PLAN for FrLv! 20190315

Reflection in Online Courses

Why? When? How? Who?  Apps & LTAs
Part of Continuing FridayLive! Theme: LTAs for Online Synchronous Sessions
LTAs = Low-Threshold Applications, Activities

2pm ET Intro, Warm-Up – Steve  Gilbert

Introduction – Begin recording

Do we have a VOC today?

Only online courses in which faculty seek to encourage students’ engagement & participation, especially via use of “essential” features of the online resources used in the course.   

Warm-Up Shared Whiteboard – (Map of US/world – click)

Why?  Simple NON-VERBAL introductory activity.  Shared whiteboard can be used in MANY different ways for more advanced purposes,
but quick response from all may require at least an initial practice – “pump-priming”.

Yes/No Question:  Would you like some explanation of use of shared whiteboard in Zoom?

Launch  Display Map Whiteboard;  explain how to participate

Demo Ask question:  everyone, pls use whiteboard to indicate  your city

Discussion: Reflection before/during/after SYNCHRONOUS sessions

Warm-Up/Demo:  Role, Impact, of Silence in Online Sync. Sessions

Why?  Show/sample use of silence;  lead-in to discussion of how use of REFLECTION in online synch sessions is different from…..?

How?  Online variation on “Think-Pair-Share”.  Zoom Screen Sharing;  INTRODUCE Timer Alarms & Clock 10.1812.10043.0 © 2018 Microsoft. All rights reserved.


PLEASE THINK SILENTLY FOR 2 MINUTES (jot notes offline?); please do not enter anything in the chat;  do not speak via microphone.

TOPIC:  When using reflection in an online synchronous session, what is the most/least useful time for silence?  What would make you avoid using ANY silence at all?  

  • Use the next 2 minutes to think about silence and timing in online sessions.
  • Try to prepare 1 comment or 1 question that you will share as soon as the 2 minutes has elapsed.  At that time, you will be invited to “raise your hand” if you would like to respond vocally.  Otherwise, please enter your comment or question immediately in the chat.
  • We’ll use the next 5 minutes to listen and read.
  • Then we’ll decide whether or not to continue this discussion right now!



Resources? [Add more…]



“YES” = DISCUSS Recommended ReadingsTimeless classics or out of date?


What is reflection in online courses?  What is reflection?  Why should we care?  What can we do?

  1. Student reflection ABOUT content DURING online sessions 
  2. Student reflection ABOUT how to improve their own learning before/during/after online sessions
  3. Faculty reflection ABOUT teaching, learning in online sessions
  4. [Faculty reflection DURING online sessions about teaching/learning?]


2:45pm ET  Closing


What was most useful today?

What was not clear enough?

What would be a useful follow-up?

How might you contribute to the follow-up?

Next Week:  THEME:  Notation & Syntax – Instructional Bottlenecks at the most Fundamental Levels


Clarify a Topic, Issue:  Articulate a

Useful Question

Request for Resource

Identify, Share Resource

At least one strategy, online tool, etc.

Shareable, Shareworthy (almost immediately useable/useful)


Decide Unnecessary

Identify Specific Activity, Date, People